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The Interval Perspective is another useful perspective we shall deploy in our studies toward Learning Guitar. Unlike the Recommended Fingering Perspective or the Fret Perspective, the Interval Perspective, like the Note Perspective is useful toward understanding general music theory. We utilize the interval perspective in understanding basic music structures, such as the Major Chord that is composed of the intervals, 1, 3 and 5. Unlike the Note perspective the Interval Perspective is takes less information. If we wanted to know how to play the Ionian—or any other mode, for all 12 keys, it would require having 12 different lists of 7 notes each from the Note Perspective (84, different components). From the Interval perspective, it would only require writing the intervals once, so it would require 1/12 of the infromation required by the Note Perspective. For this reason the Interval Perspective is the Perspective emphasized by this course.

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