Heuristic 5

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The last heuristic we shall discuss is a heuristic that utilizes the Circle of 4ths/ 5ths to memorize the intervals in the six modes different than the intervals in Ionian: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1. If we look at the circle of 5ths (circle of 4ths in reverse), then we get (5, 2, 6, 3, 7), if we look at each of these intervals as their corresponding mode and the later they are in this order they get an additional dissonant note from Ionian, then we might find, we have (5 / Mixolydian / 1 Dissonant Note, 2 / Dorian/ 2 Dissonant Notes, 6 / Aeolian / 3 Dissonant Notes, 3 / Phrygian / 4 Dissonant Notes, 5 / Locrian / 5 Dissonant Notes. And then the Dissonant Notes from Ionian would be the Circle of 4ths in order, (b7, b3, b6, b2, b5), such that Mixolydian has a b7 as only difference from Ionian, Dorian would be b7, b3 difference from Ionian, Aeolian would be b7, b3, b6 dissonant notes from Ionian, while Phrygian would have b7, b3, b6, b2, and Locrian would have, b7, b3, b6, b2, b5 dissonant notes with Ionian.


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