C Minor Across Fret Board

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Minor chords are another common chord that we shall discuss in this learn guitar series. As an example we will discuss where C minor chords occur in standard tuning across the fret board. As opposed to the the major chord the 3 is instead a b3 in minor chords, which similarly have a 1 and 5 interval in common with major chords. This lesson was taxonomied into the Nominal section for the Information Hierarchy Taxonomy. This is because it is just basic information and simply just the names given to a certain tone structure—now of course these classifications may be somewhat if not entirely arbitrary, and future iterations may try to address this and make the taxonomy more coherent and logically consistent. The C Minor Chord Section is categorized into the learning basic chord area of the Efficiency Taxonomy. If you were to play the modes with chords, you would use minor chords for Dorian, Phrygian and Aeolian.


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