C Diminished Across Fret Board

admin: May 19, 2018, 7:43 p.m. ·
Major chords and minor chords sound great and sound really cool when playing the modes. But neither really works for the Locrian mode. Instead for Locrian what sound’s right is the diminished chord which has a 1 like the major chord and a b3 like a minor chord, but unlike both the major and minor chord, instead of having a 5, it has a b5. The b5 sounds great and is what the Mode has. This lesson is categorized into the Nominal Section and the 4 Basic Chords Section for the Information Hierarchy Taxonomy and the Efficiency Taxonomy respectively. Diminished chords sound a little more dissonant than major and minor chords but have their value. When exploring minor harmonic scales diminished chords can sound pretty cool as we will eventually see. A cool interval pattern is 1 7 6, for the 7, (Locrian), one could play a diminished chord, it is an interesting descending sound structure.


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