E Phrygian

admin: May 19, 2018, 7:53 p.m. ·
E Phyrgian is an interesting minor scale which has a little different expressive feel than the more common Aeolian minor scale. As a minor scale, it would have a minor chord if we wanted to play a chord for it. Also we could use the mode to compose a minor not upbeat more melancholy depressive feel. An upbeat popppy postive song would probably not be appropriate for a phrygian scale—though it might work for an interesting bridge or some interesting little twist if we are in some common strophic form paradigm. It is a special mode because it is part of the C Ionian family which is special as discussed in Heuristic 3 and because on a piano all the notes in it are just white Keys. E Phrygian has an interesting feel and one can really get into it on the 12th fret where the notes are easy to play due to smaller spacing.


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