Interval Walls Lydian

admin: May 19, 2018, 7:59 p.m. ·
The third interval wall would be Lydian. In the circle of 4ths, Lydian (4) would follow Ionian (1), so that will be Lydians frequent location in regards to Ionian, at least outside of the B string area where it is tuned as a third, a half step lower than fourths which the rest of the Guitar’s strings are tuned as. An interval wall, is just examining all the intervals if we barr an area of frets that contain an octave. The Lydian Interval Wall would thus be, 4, b7, b3, b6, 1, 4. As discussed above, the fourth to the interval b6 would be b2, but because the B string is tuned the way it is, the barred interval on the B string in reference would instead be a 1, and similarly instead of a b5 being on the high E string instead a 4 is what is on the high E string as a result of the tuning of the B String.

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