Common Strumming Patterns Types

admin: May 19, 2018, 8:11 p.m. ·
There are many different ways to strum or pluck a guitar. One can get some interesting tones with their hand interacting with the fret board, for me it is my left hand, but that is only half the equation of playing the guitar. The other hand which makes the strings vibrate contributes significantly to the resulting feel of the music. Though there are many more ways to make the strings vibrate than are initially discussed here. As time advances toward infinity this course hopes to accumulate many different ways and be a source of inspiration and educational material for users hoping to learn guitar or just ponder doing such a thing. Strumming patterns are cool and can set a tone and direction and ultimately may have other less understood impacts on resulting art and culture once one has selected a way to play a certain tune in reference.

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