Common Strumming Patterns Down Strokes

admin: May 19, 2018, 8:12 p.m. ·
One of the Common Strumming Patterns we shall discuss is using down strokes. Using down strokes to let something ring out can create a lot of emphasis, or if done really fast make for a rocking tune. Down strokes are one of two major types of strokes, the other being up strokes. Upstrokes sound similar to downstrokes but instead of in general higher pitch tones preceding the lower pitch ones this relationship is inverted. Down strokes are good for more rustic typical rock or blues guitar or other types, with a special kind of feel. Down Stroke strumming patterns can do well to set the feel and soul of a tune in reference. As one improves their learn guitar abilities the differences among different kinds of stroking patterns—even in regards to a melody with the same interval patterns proves to be an interesting aspect of stringed music.

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