Common Strumming Patterns Reggae

admin: May 19, 2018, 8:12 p.m. ·
For stringed instruments another Common Strumming Pattern is a Reggae type strumming pattern where one somewhat scratches the strings without having them ring out in a rhythmic way what makes the music more interesting and upbeat. As many ways as there are to make a string vibrate there are just as many ways to strum and pluck a string. There are many different ways one can strum a guitar string even in a reggae type style. But this style is discussed to help inform the users’ analysis of how to play guitar and contrasting it with something more simple like just Down Strokes. In general a reggae type strumming will probably go best with playing more a rhythm guitar. Overall Common Strumming Patterns is just another section of the site trying to help people trying to learn guitar increase their cognition and intentionality of using their hand that makes the string vibrate.

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