Arpeggio Exercises

admin: May 19, 2018, 8:14 p.m. ·
The Arpeggio Exercises help users better acquire how to play the modes. The arpeggio exercises play triads of 1, 3, 5s, with the 1 being a note in the modes in an area of the fret board with a recommended fingering. The exercises occur across the fretboard and are located wherever on the low E string the interval of the mode in reference occurs. The Arpeggio exercise navigates the entire fret board with everything repeating after the 12th fret, so it helps the user understand how intervals change across the fret board. Thus these exercises have two major benefits, first they help with modes, second they help with learning the entire fretboard. Users who master this lesson will likely find that they are better able to create interesting harmonies a top a melody. This exercise might also help with constructing interesting melodies as arpeggios can have intricate fuller sounds.

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