Arpeggio Exercises Mixolydian

admin: May 19, 2018, 8:17 p.m. ·
The Arpeggio Exercises help the user get down the modes and really appreciate the different flavors of ideas from each mode where Mixolydian is Major, Aeolian is Minor, Locrian is Diminished, Ionian is Major, Dorian is Minor, Phrygian is Minor, Lydian is Major. After a while you get a feel for each and their different feeling based upon the order. The arpeggio exercise not only helps the user get down chords by playing the 1, 3 5s of a chord, doing it many times and in the different keys helps the user understand some nice recommended fingerings and possibly even develop a useful muscle memory. Overall this exercise is one of the best I could think of in creating these exercises to help users learn guitar. When trying to learn guitar, once you get some scales and chords in your head, which these exercises help with both, you get to a whole new level of playing ability and guitar learning.

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