Chord Construction 5 1 3 E String

admin: May 19, 2018, 8:24 p.m. ·
The 5, 1, 3, interval order for chord construction is like the common e major chord, if you are so familiar? If not you shall see in the video. When doing these chord construction exercises and starting on the E string, the B string and it’s different tuning is ignored thus the architecture is more purely just the circle of 4ths. Overall this exercise helps the user understand the modes and how each of the 7 different tones has a different feel especially when played as a chord. It also helps the user develop muscle memory and other skills that can be efficiently deployed toward playing guitar. This exercise when combined with the Arpeggio exercises is great to helping users really understand what modes are and basic skills toward creating nice rhythmic melodies and intricate harmonies. Having the 5 precede the octave gives for an interesting feel that changes the chord feeling some.

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